The Intrepid DX Group Awards

The purpose of the annual Intrepid Spirit Award is to recognize the individual or group that most displayed their Intrepid Spirit for each year.


The Intrepid Spirit is defined as: An Intrepid Spirit is bold, courageous, dedicated, innovative, fearless, generous, resolute and visionary in their approach to Amateur Radio.

  • 2021 Intrepid Spirit Award
    Johannes Hafkenscheid 5T5PA, for having made over 192,500 contacts while living & working in Mauritania.
  • 2019 Intrepid Spirit Award
    VP8PJ South Orkney Island Team.
  • 2017 Intrepid Spirit Award
    YL2GM Juris Petersons and YL1ZF Kaspars Uztics, for their 3C0L and 3C1L activations from Annobon Island and Equatorial Guinea.
  • 2017 Intrepid Humanitarian Award
    EA5RM Antonio Gonzalez, for his many humanitarian projects in the Bolivian rain forests.
  • 2016 Intrepid Spirit Award
    F5UFX Sebastien "Seb" Poulenard, for his activations of Tromelin and Juan de Nova.
  • 2015 Intrepid Spirit Award
    JH1AJT Yasuo "Zorro" Miyazawa, for his activations of Eritrea, Myanmar and Bangladesh.
  • 2014 Special Educator Award
    WA6BK Beverly Matheson, for her mentoring students and young amateurs at Dorothy Grant ARC.
  • 2013 Intrepid Spirit Award
    T6MO/K9GY Eric Hall, for his activity in Helmand Afghanistan as T6MO.
  • 2012 Intrepid Spirit Award
    I2YSB Silvano Borsa, for his leadership of the Italian DXpedition Team, in Somalia, Chad and throughout Africa.

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