The Intrepid-DX Group is pleased to announce that all of our plans to activate H40 Temotu Province are going well. Due to changes in flight schedules, we are announcing our operational dates will be from February 22nd, 2024 and we will complete our operations on March 7th 2024.

We have assembled a team of eight operators to make a fifteen-day activation of this entity. Temotu Province currently ranks #43 on Clublog’s most wanted DXCC list.

Team members include: Rob N7QT, Paul N6PSE, Scott NE9U, Jay K4ZLE, Jay AC7DC, Bruce K3NQ, Don N6JRL and David AH6HY. We will use CW/SSB and FT8 Fox/Hound modes. We are NOT using MSHV. We plan to use Fox/Hound on 60 meters, however, we will momentarily revert to FT8 standard to work UK stations that are calling us.

In an effort to combat piracy, the H40WA team will be beta-testing a new anti-spoofing technology developed by WSJT-X developer Brian Moran, N9ADG. This should help calling stations have confidence that they’re copying the real H40WA. Here’s how it works:

H40WA will transmit CQs and work stations, and every few cycles will send a callsign followed by a 6 digit verification number:

010200 -3 0.1 300 - H40WA 695243
010200 -3 0.1 360 - CQ H40WA RH29

Only H40WA will be able to send the right code for a particular timestamp, which can be verified by checking the website

As you can imagine, shipping all of our gear, generators etc. to Temotu Province is quite costly. The H40WA Temotu 2024 team appreciates any and all sponsors and donors who wish to support our mission. All individual donors of $10 or more will automatically receive your LoTW and QSL cards via the mail. You may donate via PayPal to or a donation to the Intrepid-DX Group 3052 Wetmore Dr, San Jose, CA USA. You can follow our plans from our website and the Temotu 2023 Facebook pages located at

Thank you,

Rob Fanfant N7QT Co-Leader
Paul Ewing N6PSE Co-Leader


Countdown to Activation: